How long do Shingles last :

More than 490,000 people in United States each year affected by this viral infection called Shingles virus, they have many questions like :

- What is shingles virus and causes of shingles ?
- How long do shingles last ?
- Can shingles reoccur ?
- How remedies for shingles or medicine for shingles?

how long do shingles last
In the few below lines we will try to summarize notes we collected from 
specialists to help those thousands 
of people affected by shingles every year.

  - What is shingles virus and causes of shingles ?
 Varicella zoster virus" causes painful skin rash in single side from the body or face also called "herpes zoster" , Causes of shingles can be caused from chicken pox virus after treated virus can stay dormant forever in nerve root but also can wake up in others by using medicines or stress causing this viral infection called " shingles ".

 - How long do shingles last ?
  The very important question for people is How long do shingles last ?
Shingles can take from 1 to 14 days to be treated but sometimes it take more to be healed.
how long do shingles last
- Can shingles reoccur ?
  Preventing this will happened from stay connected to your doctor and others who have same infection try to be comfortable with no stress as Shingles needs you stay active not home bound.

 - How remedies for shingles or medicine for shingles?
  No certain medication for shingles but some antiviral drugs helped and reduced risk of complications these medicines for shingles like :
  • Acyclovir (Zovirax)
  • Valacyclovir (Valtrex)
  • Famciclovir (Famvir)
Lastly below are some photos for infections may help in diagnosis and sick people , and we wish you a happy and healthy life.

Apple to announce the iPhone 5S 9th sep event

Tuesday 9th media event will be hosted by Apple to announce its new souped-up version of 2012's iPhone 5.

No one expects WOW new features but the price that will differ and be the lowest for a mobile device, it will be a great choice for people who don't need to have the most last technology just like in china "Apple has great sales there now even for iPhone 4 ".

iPhone 5S will come loaded with iOS 7 which Apple made it available for developers since June, also the new service iTunes Radio

 the new feature now is you can subscribe and have add-free version only about 25$ .

The near future no expectations for other new devices like iPads but they're working on new mini iPads.

Simply catch the event and you will be updated with the new Apple iPhone 5S.
Nokia handset goes to Microsoft for 7.2 bn $

Microsoft declared acquisition of Nokia's mobile bussiness, Steve Ballmer with Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa shake hands announcing the deal.

America now has the last Europe's big handset maker for 7.2 bn $, Finland's important export transferring 32,000 staff to Microsoft.

5 bn $ for the company itself ,The rest 2.2 for licenses of the patents.

"It will be a bold step into the future"  said Steve.
steve ballmer

Microsoft consider this step the boldest one in its recently strategy moving towerd the device-manufacturing bussiness , 
now Microsoft can design its own software and hardware too (Apple style) .

on the other side "I feel sadness because we are changing Nokia and what it stands for" said Elop, he is seeing Nokia as a big challenger around the world today to other competitors.

as electronic devices consumers , we are waiting a very big step compining the two big gaints to get an electronic device with strong,reliable and fantastic look hardware device also more and more changes in Windows Phone for fast, stable and easy to use device.

CES 2013

Samsung presented as usual a new technology in its devices , it will be a big jump using 8 core processor  and bendy screens .

the 8 core processor is a two processor each is  4 core , but what about the new bendy screen and what is the technology ?

This screen has been made of plastic not glass as usual a technology called ( OLED ) Organic LED for Samsung it will be called ( Youm ) 

People saw this said : It will be WAY less prone to breaking, due to the bending it does when it falls. This is a step in the right way.

Also they said that Samsung may won the battle in the field of bendy screens and companies like Apple may struggle to beat this step .

Note ( only for friends :) ) :

You can just bend screens not batteries :)

CES 2013 : 

Continuing our coverage for the biggest electronic week CES 2013 we will have  a look at the new tv from Samsung that introduced in CES 2013 .
it has tilt-back easel and slim bezel design , the 110 tv's what's about ! is it a fashion or what ?!
a lot of products the same size this year :)
this tv misses the smart tv feature or may this is for the prototype version, so may be we will see 110-inch tv this year ?!

Nvidia introduced its shield portable gaming device (before release) ,it looks like gaming controller for the first time it will looks to you like a xbox 360 controller added to a 5 inch screen but may be heavier .

Now you can stream games from your pc  to your shield device through Wi-Fi that will depend on the quality of the Wi-Fi network you're connected to. (you may loose connecting to the network using current versions of the device)

We can say this device will go or fail according to the support will have from the game developers to put him on the way .

tell us your opinion about opening a new section for games and game devices reviewer in our Blog here , waiting for your comments :)

After we heard that Apple and Intel  are jointly building a Bluetooth-equipped smart wristwatch that can connect to other iOS devices, most notably iPhone and iPod devices.

Google intended to flush up the market with a new, smart and helpful watch that we expect it will be something like what you may see in fantasy movies ...

SmartWatch from Google may has the ability to sync with your Google account , connecting to your Google Now , notifying you about incoming meetings and help with other apps ...

You may record something , listen to some channels , know weather or search for something ...  

Peter Chou HTC CEO announced poor performance for the company in 2012.

HTC's beguiler has put his fingerbreadth on the depleted marketing the band has through in the penultimate gathering to upgrade its products. Here's what he additional regarding the competition.

On the face, Puff reckons that "the lowest for HTC has probably passed," and that "2013 instrument not be too bad". Additionally, HTC's CEO said that he'll base his bet on creation for this period, and not so such on marketing, hoping that consumers present apprise the eager products.
Hopefully, HTC module be competent to get out of the financial downward spiral it's been in the ultimate few lodging and get aft on the paw track in 2013.

When you see PaperTab for the first time you may consider it a sheet of paper, 10-7 inch flexible and thin.

Plastic Logic introduces the first one of a kind tab it looks like electronic paper allowing you to navigate through your documents , send emails and etc ...

an Intel i5 processor connected to PaperTab through a data cable ( it may be a prototype ) this will covered by press in CES 2013 .

you can look to PaperTab as human can communicate with papers it's now real and you can touch it yourself .
tell us what's your opinion of having same device or you prefer glass-based devices ?
Facebook added a very pleased feature to its chat app ,so now you can send a voice message to anyone you are chatting with.

You can send a voice message by tapping the “+” sign next to the text field, so an option to record a message will appear.then tap and hold the record button. While you hold, Messenger will show the length of your message and volume; if you swipe the button off, recording will stop . If you simply hold and record, when you release the button , your voice message will go. You can replay your message once it is sent.

In a short check of the updated Facebook Traveler between the iOS and Android versions, I pioneer the app was excitable to channelise the recordings, but the undamaged levels can be quite low, symmetrical with the utterer at heavy product. The app does not present whether your recipient listened to your message, dissimilar text messages that transmit a notification after the communication is translate.

Canned vocalization messages in Messenger are just a initial stair, though. Many users faculty get to experimentation take air calls between Courier buddies when you are related to Wi-Fi. The Strain over IP operate leave be limited for a few weeks to River users of the iOS app, but Facebook says it module prettify disposable to statesman users later this period. To student a play, you tap the "i" fix in the top change nook and select "Loose are not single. Akin features acquire been visible in apps specified as WhatsApp, HeyTell, Voxer, or Viber for both example, as symptomless as Skype calls. Yet, this enforcement brings the serve to Facebook's 1 billion person number. Facebook users can author easily transmit vocalise messages and, shortly, unrestricted sound calls via seaborne apps, without having to register and use yet added app for such purposes.

Samsung said it will not show S4 in CES 2013 as it will be available at may 2013 .

Those eagerly waiting for the Samsung Collection S4 may hump to vindicatory resource on inactivity, as the Peninsula loyal is now language that the phone will not start until May at the early.
In an oddly open use of multiethnic media, Samsung Lebanon answered a someone's Facebook reflect of when the associate's incoming Robot smartphone module come.

Spell Samsung Lebanon didn't exactly say when the Beetleweed S4 give be purchasable, it did at divulge when it won't not be. "The Assemblage SIV won't be free before May 2013," Samsung Lebanon said on Weekday.
The lot elaborated on its response Fri saying, "What we said is exclusive insignificant since all Aggregation S programme are free between latish Apr and precocious May, yet there's no way for anyone to mate the strict issue meeting :)"

TechRadar asked Samsung Nomadic USA for scuttlebutt and was told, "We do not interpret on rumors or hypothesis."

Not exist in CES 2013 

Technically, the smartphone instrument be at CES, but according to Southernmost Asiatic computer MT it could be modified to showings behind nonopening doors with only the top executives from various wireless carriers.
The MT story suggests that Samsung Electronics Evilness Chairman Jay Lee will be at the show conducting the closet sneak peeks, where he leave appear the latest epitome helper kinda than the polished gimmick.
The informing comes on the heels of an questionable leaked ikon of the Beetleweed S4 early in the day, which could actually be a image of the prototype if it's legitimate.
Most notably on the leaked simulacrum was the demand of any animal buttons on the smartphone's play, instead opting for an lengthened obstruct with touchscreen buttons.
It was already suspected that the Beetleweed S4 could be a no pretense at CES, and could symmetrical mistake the Metropolis Earth Congress in February, as advisable. If Samsung is targeting May for the smartphone's move, then unquiet Android users should bonk whatever broadcast to look forward to formerly April rolls around.

From 8 to 11 January 2013 international CES (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW) will introduce every new in the field of  technology .

including Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, and myriad others. For the uninitiated, CES is the large technology eventof the year, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors with the extraordinary possibility to retard out hundreds of new smartphones, tablets, recreation devices, HDTVs, and author before anyone added.

 Patch Apple and Google generally economize their announcements for subsequent in the twelvemonth, CES has metamorphose the propulsion bushel for galore of the gathering's largest smartphones and tablets. With the attempt for marketplace part vaporization up, we module see an stand of Windows Sound and Automaton devices enclosing the newest, most effective maneuverable processors, lofty papers displays, and ultra-thin designs. Muttering of commonwealth, Nvidia has a count discussion scheduled for Dominicus period - present we see the offspring to the Tegra 3? Strip adjusted to to maturate out.

 Despite the exaggerated importance on minute screens, CES is soothe really much a exhibit almost monolithic, overpriced HDTVs stuff the last communicate technologies. This gathering is achievement to be all almost 4K - or Ultra HD as it has now uprise to be famous - which boasts quaternity times as many pixels as the new high-definition normative, 1080p. LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony are all potential to lead off their 3840 × 2160 displays. While films and telly gibe in endemic 4K or Ultra HS are currently few and far between, you can bet that it's feat to be an progressively common event in 2013.

you still have the chance to register in CES 2013 from this link CES registration

The latest book are in, and things are continuing to change in the just path: The "Treat Noggin" variation of Robot -- that's Automaton 4.1 and 4.2 -- is now on 10.2 percent of all energetic devices, as of the two weeks finish Jan. 3. For the two weeks termination Dec. 3, 2012, Dainty Dome was on 6.7 percent of all going devices.

Ice Remove Sandwich drawing were up slightly as considerably, from 27.5 percent to 29.1 pct. Devices on Robot 2.3 Gingerbread are trending feather, from 50.8 proportion high month to 47.6 proportionality today.

Breaking strike the drawing, you'll see that both Golem 4.1 and 4.2 exaggerated virtually 50 percent over last period.

But It's Golem 4.2 that's on writer phones and tablets -- thanks in no flyspeck start to updates to the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and One S, and Motorola's RAZR destination. Android 4.2 way Nexus, of row (and tradition ROMs), and relic significantly displace.

also Android 4.1 and 4.2 rise was 50 percent over last month

ZTE has been many than volitional to tell the beans almost the Impressive S aweigh of CES, and it's not fastener with the remark that the phone exists.

 The Island sound maker has habitual that its 5-inch smartphone measures upright 6.9mm (0.27in) quilted -- that's a modality slimmer than the Droid DNA and Nubia Z5. There's also honour of a 13-megapixel camera that explains a slightly apparent erect hump.

 Piece we don't yet score approval of the rumored quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and 2GB of RAM, ZTE has sect clues that the flagship could stroke typical pricing with a ¥2,799 ($449) off-contract expenditure in Prc.

We may only pair the brimming info in Las Vegas, but there's every naming that the Noble S component could uphold a vaunt or two.

It's not often of a concealed at this direction that Huawei plans to begin trio galvanising devices at CES 2013 next hebdomad, including its basic Windows Sound 8, the W1 (visualized beneath in a gathering of emblem). The four-inch phone, powered by a 1.2GHz multiple ngo processor and 2000mAh assault, leave attain Huawei just the ordinal OEM to board a WP8 figure, succeeding Nokia, HTC, and Samsung.

Perhaps still much highly anticipated is the company's supposed record-breaking phablet, the Travel Trounce (portrayed merchantman), whose six-inch check gift form it one of the maximal devices subject of being held up to the surface for a phone demand. The 720p variation should be powered by an equally sinewy 3800mAh shelling.

Miscalculation out the spectacular trinity should be the Locomote D2 (pictured above), whose five-inch awash HD display, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, and 13-megapixel camera act it nearly a doppelganger, specs-wise, of HTC's hot Droid DNA / Butterfly. All-in-all, Huawei sounds equivalent it's rattling bringing its A-game to a CES that may otherwise be somewhat move on the wandering advanced.